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Before our session…



This is your chance to choose clothing that will bring out the personality of yourself or your child, however there are a few simple rules to follow, to ensure a lovely image. For standard sessions, bring at least 1 change of clothes. Discuss with older children how you would like the images to look but also allow them room for self expression. This will make them feel included and enjoy the experience.

Wardrobe for portfolio/expression sessions will be discussed personally before the shoot.

Avoid logos and heavy designs!!! Vibrant colours can look great on your children so feel free to bring those orange gum boots or purple raincoat! We can get fantastic results for children with bold colours, however it is best to team a bright top for example with denim jeans to create a balance.

I am more than happy to discuss clothing options with you prior to your session!

Very dark clothes can melt a figure into a dark background so keep that in mind. Where more than one person is involved in the shoot, complimentary colours work best. (This does not mean that you should all wear blue jeans and a white shirt!) Choose tones that work well together, for example whites/creams/blues/browns look great in a lush outdoor setting.


It is preferable that children have a full stomach before we start however it is a good idea to bring a light snack and drink – water please!

Hairbrush for long locks.

Does your child have a favourite personal item? Maybe a treasured teddy, toy car, rag-doll or musical instrument. Bringing such treasures will help them feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment and help us capture moments personal to your child. They also look wonderful outside.

Beads, jewellery, bags, scarves, hats and hair accessories can really add to a shot.


It is worth making a little effort with your appearance even if it is not your intention to be photographed. Sometimes children relax better with a cuddle from mum or dad. Rest assured that I will make every effort to ensure that your child has fun with the process! It is my aim to capture the natural essence of your child – be it spirited or thoughtful.


Outdoors I look for interesting textures or simple shapes. Rough bark on tree trunks, the exposed roots of a Moreton Bay Fig, climbing trees if you have older children, bushes, reeds and flower gardens, rocks and old walls – painted or sandstone, all work a treat. If you have an idea on location I am happy to check it out, alternatively I have a selection of areas I can suggest.


Nature provides it’s most beautiful light right after sunrise and before sunset. For this reason it is preferable to shoot early morning or late afternoon. Obviously timing changes with daylight saving so keep this in mind.


Only rain or strong winds make it impossible for our session to take place. I am happy to reschedule in this case.